What Do Our Franchise Owners Have to Say?

Relax The Back franchise owners open up about what they love about their businesses

Relax The Back is proud to be home to some of the most passionate entrepreneurs in the franchise industry. While Relax The Back owners come from diverse backgrounds and professional experience, they all share a commitment to the mission of helping people improve their overall sense of well-being and better their quality of life.

Walk into any Relax The Back store and you will be amazed at the level of customer service and education that our franchise owners and their teams provide to their customers. They are the reason why our franchise has continued to grow for more than 35 years – and it’s why their customers return to them again and again – they provide the experience, knowledge, and detail that you cannot get anywhere else.

The love of their businesses is also evident in the fact that nearly half have reinvested in Relax The Back by opening up multiple stores. As a franchise community, Relax The Back franchise owners are also there for each other. They’re collaborative, answer each other’s questions, support, and mentor each other on an ongoing basis

They are the main reason why Relax The Back is such a great brand to be a part of. They are the heart and the soul of our franchise family.

Here is what our franchise owners have to say about what they love about Relax The Back:

“Relax The Back is one big family, and when you join, you become a part of the family. I transitioned from an employee to an owner – and I did this because day-in and day-out, I see that business works and I see that it truly helps people. The store that I own has been here for 25 years and we have customers that have been with us that long. That alone is proof that our products work and that a customer can be with us for life. I hope that I’m here for another 25 years. Right now is a great time to invest in Relax The Back because the need for our services is growing. We have a captive audience and they really need our help.”

– Glen Word, owner of a Relax The Back franchise


“I’d been coming into Relax The Back as a customer for years and years and I always thought it would be a great business to own. It’s an entirely different experience from other retail businesses. Our customers don’t come in to kick around and shop – they come in for a very specific purpose. When you get a chance to help people, the money becomes a perk. It’s such a rewarding experience to see people who hobble into your store, come to you months later, and say, ‘You changed my life.’ What could be better than that?”

– Taft Farmer, owner of multiple Relax The Back franchise locations


“My husband and I were ready to get out of the corporate world and go into business for ourselves. When we discovered Relax The Back, we knew we found the perfect match. We’re both passionate about helping people improve their quality of life and this is what we get to do for our customers on a daily basis. Now, I own three stores and our plan is for our children to take it over when we retire. It’s completely exceeded our expectations and it’s given us a great quality of life and plenty of time for family.”

-Linda Dunham, owner of multiple Relax The Back franchise locations


“I didn’t want to own a business where I had to work 60-70 hours a week to make it successful. I had done that before and I didn’t want to do that anymore. Relax The Back gives me the flexibility to have a great work/life balance as well the ability to be successful. I now own four stores in the Dallas area and we get a chance to help so many people. Relax The Back continues to expand the scope of its products to capture more of the overall wellness market. This is a viable business and it’s one that I hope to pass on to my children.”

-Jonathan Yun, owner of multiple Relax The Back franchise locations


“In my nearly four years of experience, I encountered nothing but sincere professionalism and a true passion to make our business successful with both franchisees and the executive team. If it matters that what you do makes a positive difference in a person’s life, you should open a Relax The Back store. The feel-good moments you get helping others are almost compensation enough.”

-Brian Cairo, owner of multiple Relax The Back franchise locations

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