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What is a Relax The Back Franchise?

Supporting a healthy approach to work, sleep and spinal health, Relax The Back has solutions for a healthy body, a healthy mind and a better life

Americans are more focused on their overall wellness than ever before. The outbreak of the global pandemic has elevated health & wellness to the forefront of American culture – and now, the industry is simply exploding. relax the back franchise

The Global Wellness Institute reports that wellness is now a $4.5 trillion dollar industry. While the link between a good diet, physical fitness, and a healthy lifestyle is now mainstream knowledge, there is a rising demand for products that support a healthy lifestyle as our collective knowledge becomes more well-rounded. Our interest in healthy sleep, a healthy work environment, physical recovery from workouts, and meditation has never been higher – and this American quest for living healthy lives is revolutionizing how and where consumers spend their money.

This is why Relax The Back is such a standout business opportunity. As the leading specialty retailer of health & wellness products, Relax The Back is the go-to brand for products that support a healthy lifestyle and overall higher quality of life. Whether it’s ergonomic office equipment to prevent injuries while working from home, Tempur-Pedic mattresses that assist in healthy sleep, massage chairs to recover from high-intensity workouts, or zero-gravity chairs to aid meditation practices and support a healthy spine, Relax The Back has a solution that allows our customers to live their best lives.

relax the back franchise

After 38 years of success in business, Relax The Back is more relevant than ever before. With tremendous brand recognition, exceptional products that are vetted, tested, and deliver on their promises and a proven business model that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs prosper in business, Relax The Back is a standout opportunity in the health & wellness category. If you’re passionate about helping people live healthy lives, investing in a Relax The Back franchise is a wise choice.

“Relax The Back exists to help people lead better lives – that’s why our brand was founded and that’s what our franchise owners do every day,” says David Wood, CEO of Relax The Back. “America has an increasing desire to improve their well-being. Our franchise owners help connect people with perfect product solutions to live a better and more productive life. We have been incredibly successful over the last 38 years in doing this. If you’re ready to own a business that is hyper-relevant and provides solutions to people who desperately need them, the time to invest in a Relax The Back franchise is now.”

Enormous Demand + High-Ticket Products = A Healthy Business

Relax The Back is a very different type of retail business. Because the products we sell are high-end, high-quality, and built-to-last, our franchise owners don’t have to make as many sales as the average retailer to be profitable. Our customers come to us to find solutions for their wellness needs and they are willing to spend on products that deliver on their promises. This is why we’ve continued to grow alongside the wellness market.

“Retail is rapidly changing and Relax The Back is perfectly positioned for these times,” says Andrew Cohen, President of Relax The Back. “As a specialty retailer for 38 years, we continue to experience tremendous client loyalty. Consumers come to us to improve their overall health and wellness and we satisfy their needs through a unique product offering and superior one-on-one personalized experiences. Wellness products can be confusing to purchase, so consumers require a level of education and touch that cannot be easily found online. As a result, our franchise owners build long-lasting client relationships through listening to clients’ needs and goals and then matching them to the perfect product. The post-sale reviews are second to none and reinforce why we are in business and have such a loyal following.”

relax the back franchise

Our Sales Are Going Up, Despite the Pandemic

Even during the pandemic – when most retail businesses were shuttered and unable to open – Relax The Back remained open as an “essential retailer” because it helped people make the transition to working from home easier.

“Suddenly, people were forced to work from home – and they realized that they didn’t have the right setup to work in a healthy way,” Wood says. “Our franchise owners were able to help their customers buy office chairs, desks, and other products that would allow them to work from home pain-free, and the trend isn’t slowing down. We are seeing an increased and sustaining demand for ergonomic home office furniture, and as a result, our same-store sales remain strong despite the rest of the economy.”

Relax The Back has Evolved to Meet a Changing Consumer Behavior

Relax The Back is accessible for the consumer no matter how they prefer to shop. Whether a consumer chooses to visit a store in-person or make a private appointment, our franchisees are always ready to serve.

In addition, Relax The Back also operates a comprehensive online store. This benefits our franchise owners because they share in the sales revenue from a website that gets over 300,000 visits every month. This not only helps increase revenue for the franchise owner, but it also gives them the ability to develop another long-lasting, potentially lucrative relationship.

“The demand that our online store is experiencing is the highest it’s ever been,” Cohen says. “There’s a real need for our product solutions and we give the consumer the option to shop online in a safe and convenient environment.”

This is a Business that Lets You Enjoy Life

Relax The Back franchise owners love their businesses. In fact, many of our franchise owners own multiple locations. By providing a simple business model that’s quick to scale as well as exceptional training and support, Relax The Back franchise owners enjoy great work-life balance.

“I didn’t want to own a business where I had to work 60-70 hours a week to make it successful,” says Jonathan Yun, owner of multiple Relax The Back franchise locations. “Relax The Back gives me the flexibility to have a great work/life balance as well as the ability to be successful. I now own four stores in the Dallas area and we get a chance to help so many people. This is a viable business and it’s one that I hope to pass on to my children.”

Ready to Open a Relax The Back Franchise?

If you’re ready to learn more about the Relax The Back franchise opportunity, fill out an inquiry form on this site, and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly.

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Ready to Own a Relax The Back Franchise?

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